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Series Wiper
M3 SOFT SERIES WIPERS are constructed from 70% rayon and 30% polyester (non-woven) and fabricated from a hydro entangled process. This fabric blend combines the highly absorbent properties of natural fibre with the cleanliness and strength of a synthetic. An excellent multipurpose wiper, ideal for cleaning dvd's, vcd's and mini discs etc.
* Superb absorbency
* Excellent dry and wet strength
* Resists most solvent
* Low lint, low particle counts
* Low extractable levels
Material: 70% rayon and 30% polyester
Weight : 40 ± 4g/m 2
Sizes: 10cm x 10cm,15cmx 15cm,25cmx 25cm
Packing Information:

Sheet per bag
Bags per carton
250 X 250 mm
100 pcs
30 bags