We were established in 2002 and originated in Hong Kong. With continuous development throughout the last half decade, Zhongshan PSC Cleanroom Products Co., Ltd. has become a comprehesive manufacturer to supply various kinds of cleanroom products for industrial, medical and cleanroom lines. Our main product categories are:

1) Industrial, Medical and Cleanroom nonwoven disposables like face mask, shoecover, mob caps, bouffant caps, wiper etc.
2) ESD equipment like industrial ionizers, blowers, ionizing gun etc
3) Cleanroom equipment like airshowers, passboxes, laminar flow clean benches, FFUs etc

Under ISO9001:2008 control system, our Cleanroom Disposable products are qualified and widely adopted in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Semiconductor and some more industries all over the world. In the meantime, we do devote our time and energy to pursue high quality and low cost products for the ultimate benefit of our customers.

Our ESD Equipment, we are proud of being put to the spot by competitors especially in China and S.E.A. market due to our high quality product and competitive prices. On top of environmental friendly packing method and colourful comprehensive instruction manual, we do bring our customers with maximum product, price and service satisfaction.

Our Cleanroom Equipment provide a indispensable role in total facility solutions to overcome contaminants like dust and lint from human beings on clothing of personnel prior to entry of clean rooms or controlled environment. Our equipment is widely applied to nano-technology, LCD, wafer fabrication, semiconductor, biotech, medical, pharmaceutical, food- processing industries.

We sincerely expect to establish close business cooperation with you and provide you with the best quality product and service in accordance with our German TUV certification approval.